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Buenos Aires is an astonishing metropolis that looks a bit like Europe, but with an edgy Latin American twist.  Glamorous and gritty, this is a very special place, beautiful in its own unique way, resilient and creative. The energy and bustle of modern Buenos Aires is most evident in the city centre—the locus of entertainment, shopping, and café-going. 

This grandiose city with wide avenues and a vibrant cosmopolitan flair is more generally European than Latin American in character. Having little colonial architecture and few landmark buildings, Buenos Aires is chiefly a city of distinctive neighbourhoods that have their own meeting places, generally coffeehouses or bars.  

Spread out on the southwest of the River Plate, the city exists as a series of stand-alone neighborhoods, or barrios, each with its own distinct charm. There's the bohemian San Telmo, known for its historic streets and bustling antiques market, or working-class La Boca, home to colorful houses and Argentina's beloved soccer club. The sparkling new dockland of Puerto Madero feels far-removed from the old-word elegance of Recoleta or the leafy boulevards of Palermo, where a collection of ultra-hip cafes, boutiques and bars draw in a young, carefree crowd. 

The city that doesn´t sleep has a lot to offer when it comes to bars ans nightclubs. Be prepared to stay up all night! BA´s diverse range of bars, clubs and live-music venues offers something for everyone, from DJs spinning electronica to live jazz sets.