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5 Costa Rica Must-Do Bucket List Experiences

5 Costa Rica Must-Do Bucket List Experiences

For a small country, Costa Rica has a lot going on. The 12 distinct climate zones offer many unique experiences. As you begin your vacation research, it’s worth noting that some experiences capture the true essence of Costa Rica and shouldn’t be missed. Not to worry. We have compiled a list of those experiences for you. Read on for our 10 Costa Rica Must-Do Bucket List Experiences.

November 11, 2022

Zipline through the Tree-Tops.

The zipline was invented in Costa Rica. It began in the 70’s when scientists first developed the zipline to study the forest canopy. So it is only fitting that when you visit the birthplace of the zipline, you try it out yourself. It isn’t for nothing that the 1967 and 1997 George of the Jungle films were such a big hit. The idea of soaring tree to tree through the rainforest canopy sends a child-like thrill through all of us. Not to mention those unbeatable bird’s eye views and the abundant wildlife living in the canopy.

Soak in Volcano-Fed Hot Springs.

Yes, there are hot springs around the world, but not like Costa Rica. Visit the hot springs at Arenal Volcano for ultimate relaxation, lush rainforest surroundings, and jaw-dropping volcano views. 

Decompress at All-Natural Spas.

Pair an afternoon in the hot springs with a relaxing pre-dinner massage and revel in tropical tranquility. Let’s not forget Costa Rica is the land of all-natural, holistic wellness. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, they’re not in your spa treatment. The cherry on top? Most treatments can be arranged outside, with nature’s symphony serenading you into a euphoric bliss.

Discover Rainforest Wildlife.

A trip to Costa Rica wouldn’t be complete without a rainforest excursion. There are over 230 mammal species alone that call Costa Rica home. Discover this unique ecosystem of the rainforest and gain an appreciation for how nature, wildlife, and locals have learned to co-exist for so many years.

Traverse Jungle Mangroves.

Tortuguero National Park is one of the most well-known destinations in Costa Rica for mangrove jungle canals. However, mangroves can be experienced well beyond this little corner of the country. The Osa Peninsula, Manuel Antonio, and Guanacaste also have mangrove excursions with plentiful opportunities for spotting wildlife. Book a tour with an experienced naturalist guide to increase your chances.



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