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Caviahue – Copahue

Caviahue – Copahue

In the middle of the Andes mountain range, to the northwest of the Neuquén province is this wonderful tourist center, almost 2,000 meters above sea level, near the Argentine-Chilean international pass, at the foot of the Copahue Volcano (2,925 meters above sea level), and on the shores of a large water mirror formed by Lake Caviahue.

September 10, 2021

Together with other towns in the central west of the province, they make up the Ruta del Pehuén, a wonderful route between ancient araucarias, valleys and mountains.

Thermalism is one of the activities that stands out and develops in Copahue (in Mapuche "sulfur"), some 18 kilometers from Caviahue (in Mapuche "place of feasts or party place").

The development of the hot springs has its origin in the history of the Copahue volcano, to which the aboriginal ancestors of the Mapuche region awarded wealth and powers for the spirit.

Copahue hot springs are internationally recognized for the quality and diversity of their waters, whose therapeutic properties are endorsed by the World Health Organization.

The treatments that are carried out are advised by professionals from the medical service of the thermal complex, combining the various waters, vapors and muds: balneotherapy (immersion baths or hydromassages), mud therapy, massage therapy, kinesiotherapy and gymnastics.

A unique place

The tourist complex is located within the 28,300-hectare Copahue Provincial Park, created in the 1940s with the aim of preserving the nature of the area, especially the araucaria or pehuenes forests, which constitute a unique natural resource in the world.

The climate of the place is special, its temperatures are ideal both in winter and in summer. Its original landscape with undulating terrain, highlighting the Copahue volcano and an area of ??extensive prairie that surrounds Lake Caviahue, form an original and unique landscape, whose geological origin is volcanic with modifications due to glacial action. It is a suitable place for rest and recreation, where you can develop various activities such as trekking, mountaineering, winter sports and nautical activities. In addition, you can enjoy comforting thermal baths, in a modern thermal complex prepared for 2,500 baths per day.

Fishing and hunting

For lovers of fishing, the Achacosa, Escondida, El Rincón and Hualcupén lagoons and the streams that are born from these, allow to obtain pieces of the rainbow trout, brook trout and perch varieties.

To enjoy

The nature of Caviahue - Copahue gives surprising images at every step, imposing waterfalls next to prehistoric pehuenes, or an almost lunar landscape (in the case of Copahue), accompanied by a benign microclimate in winter and summer, making this place a tourist center in force throughout the year.

Winter adventure

During the winter, the Caviahue ski center is a special place to practice this sport. Due to its tranquility and security, it is an ideal place for family groups. Here you can practice downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding. The winter resort has an alpine and cross-country ski school, equipment rentals, nurseries, a snow garden, a patrol service, shelters, a restaurant and a confectionery.

The Ski Center is located in a wonderful environment dominated by the pehuén or araucaria araucana, allowing activities in contact with nature: trekking, snowshoe walks, snowmobile rides and caterpillar vehicles among the ancient trees, complement the Ski Center activities.




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