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Winter Activities in Argentinean Patagonia: the best things to do

Winter Activities in Argentinean Patagonia: the best things to do

Planning a trip to Argentina this winter? You could do worse than visiting Patagonia, for although it may be cold, this part of the country is home to some unique landscapes which dazzle in the snow. Below we've listed the key destinations in the Argentinean Patagonia, along with the best winter activities in Patagonia to carry out in each one.

October 4, 2022

Skiing in Bariloche

Cerro Catedral, located around half an hour from the city center, is probably the most popular destination during winter in Bariloche, primarily due to the fantastic skiing available. Likewise, Cerro Chapelco, located just outside of San Martin de Los Andes, is another famous ski center of the region thanks to its artificial ski slopes.

If you are a beginner or that you have never skied before, do not worry! You can take a first ski or snowboard lesson with professional instructors, and there are even ski lessons available for children and a ski excursion to Piedras Blancas, one of the top ski centers of Patagonia where you can glide using a sled in its 3 km of slopes.

Hot Springs

Looking to warm up after a day in the snow? You’ll also find hot springs here, one of which is in the in Llao Llao Hotel, and the others in Apart y Spa Costa Serena and La Posada Spa, both located near Villa La Angostura. Caviahue, a ski resort slightly further north of the city, also offers a ski in-out option that will enable you to get out of the hotel with your skis on so that you can immediately begin a fun day in the snow!

Hot springs lovers can go as far as Chile, very close to the Argentinian border where you will find the Hot Springs Route: the hot water comes from the bottom of the volcanos there. You can choose amongst more than 15 establishments in the circuit between Liquiñe and Coñaripe. You can access it easily enough from Bariloche and they have top-notch hotels and installations such as the Puyehue Wellness and Spa Resort.

Traveling tip

Be sure to check the weather forecast before booking your tour, as you may experience problems with some services when there is snow. The 7 Lakes Route, for example, takes you down one road which isn’t a highway and becomes dangerous to drive along in snowy conditions.

Winter Activities in Puerto Madryn

The main reason people visit Puerto Madryn is for the chance to spot the famous Southern right whale, anytime between June and December. Click here to see the maritime wildlife calendar in Puerto Madryn.

Whales and sea lions watching

There is a wide range of watching activities in Puerto Madryn, from a boat ride where you can sight the whales from a distance or the yellow submarine whale watching tour that offers a magical watching experience if you are into the maritime wildlife.

Another activity nature lovers cannot get enough of is the snorkeling with sea lions activity. It offers a wonderful experience that enables you to directly interact with those wonderful mammifers. This snorkeling tour does not require any kind of experience in diving or snorkeling; only the will to go on an adventure below water. Experienced guides will be here to help you as you dive with the sea lions!

Madryn al Plato

One event that takes place every winter in Puerto Madryn is Madryn al Plato, a gastronomic event which features tastings, cooking classes and promotions in various restaurants across the town. Visit the Puerto Madryn website for more information.

Travelling Tip

You can combine several watching activities. Check with the Customer Service as soon as you can, that way you will be able to plan your trip to the South of Argentina and make the most of your trip according to your disponibility.

Winter Activities in El Calafate

Due to the difficult climatic conditions of the area and the strong Patagonian winds, the classical activities and excursions in El Calafate such as the Minitrekking in Perito Moreno, the one-day tour in Torres del Plaine or  Valdes Peninsula Tour are closed almost all winter (from the end of them until September).

Snow day and 4x4 excursion

If you wish to admire the magical landscapes of El Calafate as you are comfortably sitting in a 4x4 truck, the Rivera del Lago 4x4 Tour is just what you need. Do not forget to bring your camera since this experience will enable you to bring back home the most amazing of shots! Another fun option is to witness the dazzling sights of El Calafate is the Balcony Winter Tour. Aboard a 4x4 Landrover, you will be taken to viewpoints 900 meters high. The frozen ground of the winter makes for an interesting challenge if you are feeling adventurous. Since the disponibility of the activities depends on the climatic conditions, you should first check if those activities are available during your trip in Patagonia and what are the prices.

Ice-skating & Ice Festival

Bahía Redonda, a shallow part of Lago Argentino, freezes during the winter and becomes the largest natural ice-skating rink on the continent.  The El Calafate Ice Festival is held here over a three-week period in July and August when skating, ice hockey and sledding take place, as well as Chueca, a popular regional sport. At the eastern edge of the bay, there's a pretty impressive bird reserve, which is also worth visiting.

Traveling tip

The Ice River Express tour is available all year round, but weather close to the glacier can make it unpleasant. Make sure you bring plenty of warm clothing as well as food since meals are not included. You can carry out a wide range of activities in Calafate Mountain Park.

Winter Activities in Ushuaia

Ushuaia offers may activities all year long. The city has developed its infrastructure and services in order to adapt to all climatic conditions and its ski center, the Cerro Castor is one of the most exclusive sites for ski lovers such as the ski season is the longest - more than 100 days of constant snow.

Winter excursions in Ushuaia

The Ushuaia Maritime Excursion is the only one of our sailing tours that are available during the winter months. During the trip, you’ll be able to enjoy stunning views over Ushuaia’s famous Beagle Channel and the mountains that tower above the shoreline. However, if the weather is really bad, or if there isn’t enough wind, this tour will not be able to go ahead so be sure to check in advance.

The Complete Winter Tour in Ushuaia is a mega tour that includes the main attractions of the area in a single day. It includes the visit of the National Park Tierra del Fuego, the visit of the Martial Glacier and ice skating. This day will be filled with adventures as you travel around the most authentic landscapes of the region. If you are the adventurer type and are looking for nature and a break from the winter center, a visit to the Fuegunia Estancia will enable you to enjoy the Patagonian landscapes with a horse ride and a quad ride - contemplate the most dazzling sights Patagonia has to offer and taste typical Patagonian meals!

Traveling tip

 Wake up early! This is the only way you’ll get to make the best of your time in Ushuaia, as it gets dark extremely early here in winter (around 4 or 5).

Discover the magic of Patagonia during the Austral Winter. Be informed about the best winter activities in Patagonia and plan your trip and it will doubtlessly be an experience you will never forget!



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